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Online-ShoppingMany way a business can increase it’s sales is by Marketing their products to other businesses, through effective B2B approaches, and probably the best way is to attract your future customers is by contacting other companies in the same sectors of business, who don’t have the ability to source branded stock like you.

For this example we are looking at the brand “Canada Goose” a strong brand with an international presence. May of your competitors will not have the avenue to be in a position to purchase such goods, but if you play your cards right, both could.

With many limits on how and where you can sell their product, one area seldom looked into is your link on their website, you take the money and they make a small but beneficial commission on the online sale.

EyeglassBeing able to communicate with other businesses in your specific sector in vital for a positive marketing campaign, so your all the resources at hand to communicate effectively with them. If your database is low with names and addresses of businesses that may be in a position to benefit from your marketing offer, you could search for others. A simple Google Search could be all you need, but if you wish to spread your message further and don’t have the time to manually search for the addresses or email contacts, then buying a list could be the best way forward. There are many companies that sell B2B lists on that we have used in the UK was, these only sell UK information, but this also could be a benefit for your US or Canada marketing approach. Always delve deep into the sites offers, and make sure your search for these businesses are specific, its no good approaching Hotels in the UK when you are trying to market clothing, a good place to start for sales outlets interested in Canada Goose would be a more specific search and find a page like this for Retail and Wholesalers.

What ever your needs, you will always require the ability to communicate.

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